Dan Williams

Managing Director

A. Dan Williams has more than 30 years of oil industry experience. In 1985, Mr. Williams was one of four founders of Central Valley Pump & Supply and Madera Manufacturing in California. Mr. Williams and his partners lead the capital raise that funded the development and marketing of Central Valley, including the acquisition of “down hole” drilling technology, and the profitable sale of numerous rigs throughout the Middle East.

As an employee, advisor, and consultant, Mr. Williams has also lead the acquisition, development, sale of many oil and gas property lease transactions for companies in this sector.

These transactions included, but are not limited to:

i. The Delhi Field Lease in central Louisiana. The Delhi Field Lease was purchased from Delta Exploration, Inc. in 2003 for $2.5 million. The lease was resold in 2006 for more than $60 million.

ii. The South Belridge Field Lease in Kern County, California. This field was purchased for $2 million in 2004. Mr. Williams raised $28M to develop the field. In 2007, he packaged and facilitated the sale of that field for $138 million.

iii. The Poole Field Lease in Kentucky. The field was purchased in in 2011 for $1,500 from Sinclair Oil and Exxon. The purchasers spent $400,000 to develop the Poole Field. Thirty months later, Mr. Williams structured the successful sale of the property for $7 million.

iv. The Pruitt Field Lease in Kentucky. Pruitt was acquired for $2,000 in April 2013. The acquirers spent $400,000 to develop the field wells. The field was sold in November 2013 (seven months from first well drill date) for $2.04 million.

Mr. Williams has produced oil or gas in 94% of the wells that he has drilled, well above the industry average.

Dominick F. “Dom” Maggio

VP/ Chief Information Officer

Prior to joining Verdisys LLC, Mr. Maggio was the Founder and Managing Director of AMDG Incorporated, an international consulting firm. Prior to helping form AMDG, he was one of the Founders of Maxim TEP, Inc. He developed this oil & gas exploration and production firm’s business plan and then assisted that company in raising over $90 million from its inception in 2003, buying oil fields throughout the US. He represented the company in its London office, while also presenting its technology in China, Vietnam, Oman, Germany and the UAE while developing a strong network. He also initiated all the documents necessary for the filings done with the SEC to eventually take that company public.

After leaving Maxim in 2008, Mr. Maggio teamed with Bob Sepos and Rob Newson to develop a payment system needed in the United Arab Emirates where he had developed friendships assisting government agencies through the support of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan. Together they crafted a system to make employee payments far more cost efficient. Mr. Maggio was also a consultant to the UAE Ministry of Health promoting the utilization of United States companies to assist the Emirates with its healthcare needs.

Since writing his first business plan in 1971, he has provided advertising, public relations, marketing, and management services to many diverse companies, and served in management for two publicly traded firms. At the publicly traded US Data Authority, Inc. (USDA), he was part of every activity of this online national provider of high-speed Internet connections nationwide in 14 states practically from its very beginning. He negotiated one of the largest network contracts with AT&T, as well as associations with Cisco and Hitachi. Mr. Maggio assisted in engineering its merger to go public and helped raise over $16 million in 3 years. As its President/CEO in 2003, Mr. Maggio negotiated the sale of the company to Spanish firm MAPET International.

After the sale of his advertising agency, Maggio, Simpson & Hanes in January 1986, Mr. Maggio assisted in the planning, launch, marketing and administration of a variety of firms, from start-ups to publicly traded companies, ranging from energy, to medicine and technology. He has an extensive background in advertising and marketing in both public and financial relations spanning over 30 years, and a wealth of experience earned with firms operating in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and China. Mr. Maggio earned a BA degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida, and currently resides in Huntington Beach, California.

Robert “Bob” Sepos

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Sepos has been the chief accounting officer for all positions accepted since graduating college in 1981. To date Mr. Sepos’ fields of accomplishment have been 9 years in real estate construction and development; 10 years in wholesale distribution & sales; 4 years in internet technologies and sales; 13 years in oil & gas; and 2 years in international consulting. Those 38 years of controllership and CFO experience cover many areas of business which include taking two startups from a totally zero position to becoming publicly reporting companies. Mr. Sepos was the responsible party for all of the accounting functions, reporting and filing functions, working with SEC Engineers, SEC Legal team and SEC Auditors for filing purposes for these two entities.

Mr. Sepos has raised or been involved in raising almost $300 million in various financing structures over the course of his career to assist these companies. Mr. Sepos has assisted in major asset sales or sales of companies to return equities to investors and management. Mr. Sepos has worked closely with senior management, Boards of Directors, legal teams, engineers, auditors, accounting firms and insurance firms to promote these company business structures and business plans.

Mr. Sepos’ current position of Interim CFO as a consultant with VERDISYS LLC has been assisting the development of the company’s equity capitalization, banking and finance needs, accounting and software needs and investor relations. Mr Sepos is working with management on field development and interfacing with geologists, land management, legal team to structure an ultimate exit strategy within several years for the current 14,000 acres under development for the current investor base and management and the future 30,000 acres being contemplated and leased by management.

Mr. Sepos was the Chief Financial Officer for Navitas Land & Mineral in Kentucky from 2010 to 2014. Navitas reworked and produced 30,000 acres of older oil fields increasing production to develop an exit strategy for the investors and management, and then sold these fields to a Texas investment firm in 2014. Mr. Sepos was the responsible senior accounting officer for all oil and gas accounting functions including personnel hiring, software implementation, legal team, geology team hiring and supervision, all insurances, licensing and permitting as well as overseeing the land management team to lease the 30,000 acres.

Leaving Maxim in January 2008 and for two years, Mr. Sepos partnered with two associates forming an international consulting firm based in Colorado and doing work in Dubai, UAE, assisting His Excellency Sheikh Adil Al Otaiba. As an exclusive management reporting team to His Excellency, this team reviewed, vetted and suggested new technologies and operating efficiencies per the needs of the UAE and those projects at the request of His Excellency. Our primary project that was being implemented was a cash debit card program developed by us for the UAE for their construction worker classes which at the time didn’t exist and was desperately needed in the entire UAE.

Mr. Sepos was one of the Founders of Maxim Energy, Inc., an oil & gas development company and served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer from January 2004 to January 2008. Mr. Sepos assisted Maxim in securing over $90 million of debt and equity-based funding from both domestic private and international equity funding sources while overseeing the complete financial operations of Maxim and all of its eight subsidiaries. He supervised all the preparation of the necessary SEC documentation needed to make that company a reporting company for the public arena. Mr. Sepos supervised the purchase and consolidation of two oil and gas technology companies into the operations and assisted in the sale of the company’s primary oil and gas field in Bakersfield, CA for $138 million while Maxim was merged with another public company.

From April 2000 until January 2004, Mr. Sepos was the Chief Financial Officer of another public company, US Data Authority, Inc. (USDA) a national provider of high-speed Internet connections nationwide and operated in 38 states. While overseeing the complete financial operations and reporting requirements, Mr. Sepos interfaced with operations, sales team, management, the Board, the Owners, SEC Auditors, SEC Legal team and Human Resources. USDA was sold to an international finance firm.

For ten years prior, he served as a financial executive for a large food distribution company in South Florida serving an extensive national and international customer base. Then, previously, for nine years, he was the CFO of a large development/construction/real estate management company in South Florida. Mr. Sepos owned his own Florida real estate brokerage firm that worked in conjunction with the development company.

Mr. Sepos earned a BSBA degree in Accounting from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA in 1981.